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A Unique Home Project in Floyd County, Virginia

At Omnibuild General Contractors, we believe in turning architectural visions into stunning realities. Our latest project in beautiful Floyd County, Virginia, exemplifies our commitment to excellence and innovation in home building. This blog post will take you through the highlights of this unique project, showcased in our latest YouTube video, hosted by our incredible Project Manager, Spencer!

Introduction to the "River Retreat" Project

On of our current builds is set against the picturesque backdrop of Floyd County, Virginia. From the outset, this project has been an exciting venture, filled with unique challenges and rewarding milestones.

One of the standout features of this home is the specially engineered scissor trusses. These trusses are not only a feat of engineering but also a testament to our dedication to creating open, airy spaces. Measuring an impressive 56 feet long and 13 feet tall, these trusses required a special oversized delivery. Their installation was a crucial step in achieving the wide open floor plan that defines the interior of this home. Positioned just inside the structural trusses, the timber elements provide an aesthetic appeal, enhancing the overall design of the house.

Perhaps one of the most striking features of this build is the unique curved roofs. This architectural element sets the house apart from other builds in the area. The curved roof, combined with a steel deck that supports a portion of the main floor wall, creates a distinctive look and feel. This feature is designed to give the clients a curved wall, further enhancing the uniqueness of the home.

Why We Showcase Our Projects

At Omnibuild General Contractors, we believe in the power of sharing our work with the world. Here’s why we are passionate about showcasing our projects:

  1. Inspiration: By sharing our projects, we hope to inspire others to dream big and see the possibilities in their own home builds.

  2. Transparency: We believe in transparency. Showcasing our work allows potential clients to see the quality and care we put into every project.

  3. Education: Our videos and blog posts serve as educational resources for those interested in construction and design. We love to share our knowledge and expertise with the community.

This project in Floyd County, Virginia, is a testament to our commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Stay tuned for more updates and behind-the-scenes looks at our future projects!


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