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Omnibuild Custom Built Brewery In Historic Downtown Blacksburg VA: The Maroon Door

Maroon Door Off The Mall Brewing Downtown Blacksburg VA

Nestled in the heart of downtown Blacksburg, Virginia, The Maroon Door is a gastropub that is locally owned and operated, establishment and boasts a rich history that stretches back generations. In 2020, Omnibuild General Contractors undertook the task of bringing this unique brewery to life, with a keen understanding of the specific needs and qualities desired by owner Chris, who envisioned a space that would be appreciated and enjoyed for many years to come.


Maroon Door Off The Mall Brewing Downtown Blacksburg VA Historic

A Family Legacy:

The Maroon Door's journey is deeply rooted in the Linden family history. The building, now home to this remarkable gastropub, has been in the family since the 1940s. Chris Linden, one of the co-owners, has a personal connection to this place. His grandfather, Orville Hamlin, once operated a beloved burger joint called the Sportscenter here in 1948. Even though the Sportscenter eventually closed its doors in the late 1960s, the building remained within the family's care, safeguarding decades of cherished memories.


Custom Construction and Engineering By Omnibuild General Contractors:

The Maroon Door Brewery project required custom engineering to meet the precise needs and expectations of owner the owners. Quality was non-negotiable, especially given that the brewery's inner workings are visible to guests. Our team at Omnibuild took on this challenge, and built something truly special. Our craftsmanship will ensure that The Maroon Door would stand as a vibrant part of downtown Blacksburg!


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